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ďI agree with the quote of Don Juan from Carlos Castaneda when he speaks of the need to follow oneís heart. 

There isnít one path, there are many.  The most important task of anyone on their path, is to choose the path from their heart, without fear, without doubt, for only the heart can truly know the way. 

A path without heart offers no life at all.Ē


Spiritual Warrior Shamanic Training 


Click here for the 2007 training schedule.


About This Training


This is an ongoing training for those ready to take a powerful step into themselves and find their power, passion and joy through on a path of heart, soul, truth and empowerment.   Weekends may be taken alone unless otherwise stated. 


Walk the Path of the Spiritual Warrior


We all know there is something deeper.  Something deeper within ourselves.  A deeper path in life than that which is on the surface in the media, in superficial connections and in those times when we feel sad, lonely, unsettled.


It is time now.  It is time for us to raise our hearts in a joyful melody.  A time for us to learn how to come together from a place of strength, compassion, non-judgment and joy and a time to learn to mirror that to each other, our worlds and ourselves.


The question is, are you ready?  Only your heart knows the answer.


The path is simple, and challenging, and joyful, and powerful.  It is the path of truth, of heart, of compassion, of non-judgment.  It is the path of connection to all things, and knowing that you are both unique and a part of things, at the same time. 


This training is about finding yourself amongst it all and understanding the connections and interplays, lessons and openings from a place of peaceful strength.  Each weekend is established to take you on your personal journey to your Self and gain a deep, heartfelt, joyful understanding of your life.


How The Training Is Structured


Shamanic teachings are offered through language, energy and practice.  Such is the way of the warrior.  This is not about cognitive understanding, it is about the heartís knowing and connection with your soul.


Each chapter of the training will take you deeper into your Self and remind you in new ways of who you are, your true nature and your true path.  Jeniferís teaching is clear and will open you to worlds within and around you that will remind you of yourself.  The wisdom is there already for you to connect to in powerful ways.  Allow your heart to remember.


These courses do not need to be taken in order other than the courses one and two. 

Each weekend can be taken on it's own for personal empowerment.


The Commitment


The commitment, really, is to yourself.  Jenifer asks no commitment to her, for it is the work that will take you to where you need to be and there you will find your path. 




Complete all courses and the interim papers to receive a Certificate in Shamanic Practices.


The Courses:  Click here for the 2007 training schedule.



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