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Below are Testimonials regarding Jenifer's Teaching & Courses.  


For Testimonials on Jenifer's individual work with clients, click here.


Jenifer has taught at hospitals, universities, holistic centers, Fortune 50 companies and more.  Specific places where Jenifer has taught include:


  • Jefferson University

  • Doylestown Hospital's Health and Wellness Center

  • Vanguard

  • Siemens Medical Systems

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Expo (Valley Forge Convention Center)

  • and many more...





Regarding the Mind Body Spirit Expo Seminars


"I've never had a teacher offer so much in a one hour lecture.  She was the best teacher at the expo!"


"Thank you for the wonderful class.  It far exceeded my expectations.  You were the only teacher I saw who actually offered what you had stated that you would."


"...your heart and sincerity come through when you speak.  Thanks for a truly rewarding seminar."


"Jenifer's esoteric classes are the most grounded, practical and heart-based that I have ever encountered." 


"Jenifer is the most loving teacher and really gifted, when I got emotional during the class, she somehow made sure I was ok and ran the class at the same time.  I'm still not sure how she did that but I'm really grateful.  That was the most powerful experience of healing in the moment I've ever had..."


NEW Responses to the Shamanic Warrior Training



When asked of memorable events:


"Journeying with the drum and seeing an unexpected creature appear."


"Being able to actually release an old 'wound' that I'd identified and worked with through other methods but never had been able to fully release - or- a better phrase might be re-integrate in a beneficial way."


"There were at least two 'eye-opening' and transformative events.  Thank you!"


"Journey to our Power Animal, Plant."


When asked of their experiences with Jenifer's teaching:


"open, safe, welcoming, nourishing!"


Angelo, Havertown, PA


"Open, welcomes questions, acknowledges other ways of doing/seeing.  I like the way you said not everyone sees - some feel - not all the time so I never felt left out!"


Patricia, Malvern, PA


"Jenifer gets right down to the nitty gritty - no holding back - it's energy, it's powerful, it's playful and you know your are in a safe and supportive space while it's going on."


Linda, Database Admin, Kimberton, PA


"Well prepared, knowledgeable, hands-on, speaking in the right tone."


Kathie, Newtown Square, PA


Responses to the Energy Psychology Classes 



"I would have to say the most amazing part of the class was the fact that I found out I actually do see aura's!  Also, the chakra work was completely new for me.  I've taken chakra classes before, but Jenifer really knows the interworkings of the chakra-psychology connection.  It was amazing.  At one point I felt a sticking in my forehead and, without my telling her, Jenifer said my 6th chakra (the one in my forehead) was stuck.  Then she did something to release it and it was like a light went on.  I'd definitely take another course from her."


Woman, 48, Harleysville, PA


"Taking a course with her was an experience I won't soon forget.  She actually 'see's things' and her accuracy was almost shocking.  I don't know that I have ever met a teacher who see's her students on so many levels.  It was like she could see through you to who you truly were and she did it with such non-judgment, it actually felt good to be that seen.  The class confirmed so many things for me and taught me the tools to take my work further with my clients."


Woman, Yoga Teacher, 34, Ardmore, PA


Responses to the Self-Mastery Teleclass (class taught via telephone)



"My feedback from the class would be that I am grateful that the information was presented in a lesson plan reinforced all what I have learned from doing the work with you. I am honored to be a part of your class because I know that your intention and purpose is that all students understand the information. You encourage questions and want those that need clarification do so. You also appear to be flexible and work with what the group needs for that time and our open to their needs."


Woman, Holistic Practitioner, PA


"I find that I now take a moment - take a moment to breath and take a moment to feel which enables me to process and put into perspective the interactions that are taking place. Having this course take place on a weekly basis prompted me to practice what was discussed and that is where the "empowerment" occurred. By continuing to practice allowed me to become aware of the changes in my thinking.


This course enabled me to understand and gain awareness of my mind body connection and enabled me to control my emotional state. Which I really never thought I could do - I tended to look toward others to aid in that."


Woman, West Chester, PA


Responses to Evening Seminars (usually 1-2 hours)


"Jenifer's a lot of fun.  Also, she was really open to everyone's unique views.  A great experience.  I've taken 2 seminars with her now and intend to continue."


"Very interesting topics.  She seems to understand the interworkings of the mind and mind-energy connections on a very deep level.  It was intriguing to listen to and I enjoyed her way of teaching."


"Thanks for keeping it light.  So often teachers go so deep into topics like this you leave feeling heavy.  We went deep and I'm leaving feeling empowered and happy.  Guess that is why it's the Empowerment Centre?"




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