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Jenifer Shapiro offers Holistic Certification Courses and workshops for holistic professionals and healers.


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Holistic Professional Trainings / Courses



   Next course begins March 2011 with Self-Study/ Mentorship option beginning.


This training offers a complete course in holistic methods including those of the mind, body, soul, energy and emotions.  This course is the first year of both of the following two year programs.  Program includes the topics of: Holistic Health, Holistic Psychology, Integrative Nutrition, Energy Therapies, Matrix Work, Meridian Therapies, Chakras, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation and more.


This course includes the option of a 3-month Certificate for the Mind-Body module.


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2011 EMI courses will include:  Chakra Psychology; Auric Reading and Clearing; Matrix Acceleration and more!  Sign-up for our monthly newsletter and/or e-mail us to be placed on the first call list!


 Energy medicine is about more than any one modality.  From the chakras to the auric field to the meridians and the matrix, let this intensive teach you the basics of all aspects of energy medicine and learn valuable techniques for stress release, emotional release and personal healing.





Sign-up for our monthly newsletter and/or e-mail us to be placed on the first call list!


Learn about the basic tenets of shamanism, the power and practice of the shamanic journey, working with animal spirits and shamanic visioning. 


*Note:  Check back for information on the Soul Retrieval Intensive Certification Workshop.







This course is undergoing a transformation!  The offerings you will receive in 2011 will be shorter, more concise and utilize the best in integrative NLP and shamanic options for complete and accelerated transformation!


NLP trainings have been the same since the 70's - but we have learned so much more.  This course integrates the NLP methods that have proven the test of time with updated/ clear and integrative tools for personal and professional empowerment.  


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Are you interested in having Jenifer create a customized training for your professional growth or that of your company/ group?


Contact us for options in creating customized professional training in areas such as:  Effective Communications with NLP; Creating Rapport for Client Relationships with NLP; Stress Management through Alternative Methods; Leading By Example and more!


To e-mail us with your request, click herePlease include contact information, an overview of what you are looking for and approximate dates you are looking for. 


Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to speaking with you.

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