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Welcome to the Holistic Resource Center at The Empowerment Centre!




Choose from the following resource areas:

Free Empowering and Spiritual Books - From classical yoga texts to spiritual psychology and whole foods nutrition, check out these FREE resources for holistic living and empowerment!


Articles Written by Jenifer Shapiro - From articles on NLP and Self-Discovery to Allergies and Ayurveda, enjoy a multitude of information here.


Spirituality and Earth Center - See the Spirituality and Earth Center for more information on astrological findings, the  Mayan Calendar and more! 


Astrocurrents - Monthly accounts of important astrological events channeled with positive empowerment as the main goal!


CLIENT RESOURCE CENTER - Find information for first sessions, scheduling and more.


Empowering Websites - Find a variety of useful websites here.  Growing each day!


Free Calendar for This Month! - Please let me know if these are useful for you so I know whether to continue creating them.  These calendars have the major astrology dates, moon dates, holidays and more!  Enjoy!


Coming in May - TWEET (sweet!) - information coming soon! 



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