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  Mercury Retrograde Information




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Mercury Retrograde Periods and About Mercury Retrograde:


Retrograde in astrological terms is the apparent backward movement of energy through the zodiac of a planet. This changes as well the relationship of that planet to other planets.


All the planets (excluding the Sun and Moon) may have retrograde periods, however, due to the type of changes that occur during Mercury retrograde, it is the most well-known.


Mercury retrograde affects communication. That means more than conversations. Mercury retrograde can also affect written communications, e-mails, communication networks (i.e. computers), and even mail. Now this isn't a negative thing. The changes that occur during this time period are often for the better as well. Some of the apparent 'mishaps' may just cause you to connect with people you may not have otherwise. Or, they may cause you to connect with an inner power and patience you may need to reconnect with.


What this means is be a bit more careful with contracts, computers (anything with wiring and communications), and more patient in communications. You may hear more of 'I didn't get that message' or 'that e-mail never arrived'. Some would say don't sign contracts during this period. I don't feel that is reasonable for most, nor is it truly necessary. Mercury wakes us up to the fact that communications in any form may need more clarification and patience and, if we are open to that and allow it to occur, these periods could be times of great learning and growth.


I find if I am more patient and recognize that strange occurrences are simply that, it's usually pretty easy.


What are Shadow Periods?


Many people think mercury retrograde begins when mercury officially changes direction, however, that isn't the case.  Prior to retrograde - weeks prior actually - the energy is already shifting...and we feel it's effects.  That is why it's important not only to know the mercury retrograde period itself (the period between when the planet goes retrograde and goes direct) and the 'shadow periods' before and after when additional changes are occurring.


Some concrete advise I would offer is:


Begin to know the post and pre shadow periods as additional times for watching all forms of communications, purchases and travel as well as reading about the other planets affected so you can gain a broader perspective on the individual retrograde period.


Keep copies of all documents keep computer virus protection and firewalls current conserve electricity and unplug what you aren't using read contracts carefully and be sure to ask questions if you are unclear of anything if you are traveling, recognize that you may have delays and take them as opportunities to read and catch up with old friends breathe, be patient, be honest and clarify all communications If you look at any of these tips, you'll see they are useful at all times, not just mercury retrograde.


During Mercury Retrograde, it is also a good thing to practice meditative tasks such as cleaning, writing, or simply meditating. Most of all, it's a good time to be aware of what is going on around you. Taking an observer role rather than reacting to the changes will give you a better state from which to live, grow and laugh.


For more on ongoing retrogrades that are occurring, please see my facebook page.


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