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The Lineage Therapy/ Lineage of Life Seminars



Walking the spiritual path in this lifetime mean owning that we have energetic ties here on this earth that thus far may have imprinted energies within us.


These energies may cause physical, emotional and spiritual susceptibilities.  This goes beyond genetics to true encoding of the self and at some point it's critical to take the time to understand these lineage lines and make choices to either shift the energies, release the lines or work with them consciously.


This seminar will take place over two weeks:


WEEK 1:  We will look at what lineage means for us in this and past lifetimes, how it affects our lives, the male/ female aspects and belief systems we have taken on.


WEEK 2:  We will explore your personal questions, and look additionally at how shamans read the lines (this is not an instruction course in reading lines, that takes much more training), and how we look at integrative lineage lines of the soul versus in a lifetime.


To register, see my main calendar for the next course dates.





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