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"This CD class changed the way I think about my body and my options.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease 3 years ago and haven't felt well since.


Jenifer's insight not only into the options but also into the fact that every thyroid case is unique and we need to find the fit for US as individuals is one I wish my doctor would offer.  I think of Jenifer as an advocate for client's health and look forward to learning more in years to come from this wonderful and heartfelt teacher."


Andrea J., Massachusetts




"I have been on thyroid medications for over two decades and this was the first time I've ever understood that TSH doesn't mean what I thought it did.  In the first half hour I learned more from Jenifer than in twenty years from endocrinologists, doctors and healers.  That alone sold me.


Since listening to the class, I just feel more resilient as well.  I am confident that should I have issues in the future or my medications, I have a new ally in someone I trust to know what they are doing and have both the education and expertise to deal with challenging, unusual thyroid cases.


Jenifer is a great teacher as well as an open one.  I've taken other courses with her and always felt like she was truly there to offer all she could.  She goes above and beyond to ensure every individual receives what they came for and it comes through on the tapings as well."


Erica Strauss, New York








If you have any of the following symptoms that you cannot explain the cause of it may be your thyroid!


Hair Loss


Weight Gain




Anxiety or Depression


Eye Problems


Joint Problems


Food and Chemical Hypersensitivities


And so many more...


We will explore:


- What the thyroid IS and WHY it's important.


- What your thyroid does, what it doesn't do, and why it is inextricably linked to the adrenals.


- How you can test your own thyroid, what the tests are, what they mean and when to get help.


- What your options are in healing your thyroid, and the dangers to avoid in alternative and standard medicine.


- The difference between autoimmune thyroid problems (hashimoto's) and 'standard' thyroid problems and why autoimmune problems are becoming MUCH more prevalent.


- The newest medical information your doctor may not know that can cause you harm.


- The lies we learn about our bodies and how to reclaim your health.


- Food to encourage and those to avoid for your thyroid.


- How to take your thyroid test for accuracy and how to take your medication if you choose to for optimal health and wellness.


- The best supplements for those with thyroid issues and those to avoid.


- How your thyroid affects your sexual instinct, drive and can affect sexual stamina and impotency.


- How your thyroid and the cycle of hormones work together to affect our ability to think, focus, metabolize and be happy.


This is not a 'topical' class, this is a deeper study of your body and how you can live optimally as you get older. 


I've researched/treated thyroid disease for 15 years, second only to my research on lyme disease, and I'm PASSIONATE about this course for you and your loved ones.



Please contact me with your request for purchase






"I started as a client of Jenifer's in 2001 when I was labeled as having 'chronic lyme disease'.  My doctors told me there was no cure, only pallatation with medications.  They said I'd be sick the rest of my life, this wasn't ok for me.  A client led me to Jenifer and she changed everything. 


Jenifer is the most positive, empowering practitioner I've ever met.  She holds a space for healing that means you can break down and she will keep reminding you and reminding you of your power, your strength and the power to go on.


She CURED my chronic lyme disease in 6 months.  I felt better than I had ever in my life with her guidance, support and homeopathic talents.  I never really understood what she did or just how lucky I was to have a true homeopath until I took this class with her.  Now I get what homeopathy truly is.  I get what it can do.  I also get that on top of being a top-notch practitioner of homeopathy, Jenifer is a skilled teacher for teaching this topic isn't easy and I walked away understanding homeopathy at a level only a true master can translate. 


Matt S., Vermont



"Excellent class on homeopathy.  Gave me clear and concise knowledge so I feel confident when choosing whether homeopathy is what I need in the future.  Great teacher too, very knowledgable.  Thank you Jenifer!"


Carrie M., Santa Rosa, CA








Find out why homeopathy is such a powerful system of alternative medicine!


Homeopathy is an integrative holistic medical system which in itself clears deep constitutional blocks to what we term in homeopathy ones 'vital force'.


We do not label in homeopathy. 


Calling someone a cancer patient tells us little more than their vital force was weakened and their constitutional makeup created cancer from the weakness. 


Cancer doesn't label a client, it limits one.  This is the opposite from healing and takes away the choice of the individual.


In classical homeopathy we look a the totality of the patient/client and take the entire experience of life into account in taking the case.  Healing occurs on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic, even relational and all are taken into account in choosing the proper remedies.

What this class covers:


>> The belief system of classical homeopathy and how it differs from allopathic medicine.


>> What constitutes a cure and the importance of the vital force.


>> Acute versus constitutional prescribing and when each is used.


>> What is safe to do at home. and what isn't.


>> 3 remedies and doses that can help your family safely, and when to use them.


>> How to take a remedy - wet, dry and dilution doses.


>> Sample cases and their cures including a case of lyme disease.

Those who wish for a Certificate in Homeopathy Basics can contact us for information on requirements and costs.




Please contact me with your request for purchase


"I started using mantra with Jenifer in 2009 for a period of my life I was going through that needed to change.  I felt stuck and didn't know what to do.  Jenifer intuited a practice for me that truly transformed my life and my heart opened for the first time.  I've never been the same.


This CD has that ability.  I've learned so much I didn't know that I didn't know ;-).  I wish I'd had this knowledge when I were younger, I would have used it well.


I've started one of the practices from the practice tracks now, I can already feel it running through my veins. 


Jenifer's work is the real thing.  Don't miss out on this true teacher of ancient methods.  Her attention, awareness, intuition and heart come through with each word and she has a nice voice to listen to as well:) 


Martin P., Wayne, PA



"I truly believe mantra can change my life and Jenifer's offerings of true mantras, not just the popular versions, is inspiring.  I've only listened to the tracks once so far, and I've already felt a difference.  This is the sort of CD you put on in your car and it changes you while driving.  I'm starting to think Jenifer's voice itself is the mantra as she definitely puts me into a beautiful trance."


Shari A., Soquel, CA







Meditation is quite the buzzword nowadays.  It seems everyone has a form of meditation to offer to quiet the mind.  Quieting the mind is definitely one wonderful benefit of meditation, it's not the only one.


In Yogic and Buddhist lineages, there is much more to meditation than quieting the mind. 


In this class through practices and the use of specially-designed energetic and sacred mantra combined with specialized meditation practices you will learn to shift energy and change your life while clarifying your insights, creating a greater sense of self and confidence in your daily life.


In the time we live in with so much negativity and hostility, it's time we learned to use all of the tools available to clarify our fields and invigorate our bodies, minds and spirits with positive, supportive energy to heal ourselves and our world.  This is why I created this class.


In this course you will learn:


- Types of meditation, how to practice them and when each is most useful.


- How to effectively work with mantra meditations.


- Four powerful mantras for release, renewal, protection and peace (with practice tracks for each on the cd).


- And much more.


Join me as we explore a new level of meditation that goes beyond sitting and watching the breath to truly powerful integrative practices you can learn and use anywhere.


Please contact me with your request for purchase