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For 20 years I've worked with clients assisting them in finding the level of health - mental, spiritual and emotional - that they desire.  I've been truly blessed to work with children as young as at birth and amazing elders over 85 years old.   And with all of my experience, I'm still human, just like you.


I know what it is like to look for a holistic practitioner.  You want to find the right fit, someone who can hear you, can understand your unique situation AND has the tools and experience to assist you in shifting.


Sometimes you just need a few minutes to make certain it's a fit.  Hearing someone's voice and getting a feel for if this is a person you can trust.


If you feel after viewing my website and/or after your referral to me you would like to schedule a consultation before scheduling a session, I will do my best to make it happen quickly. 


To schedule your free consultation, click here.


Please note, this most likely will push the date of scheduling a session out a few weeks.  This is not to discourage you, just to be honest.


To schedule your first session directly, click here.


If you don't feel I'm a fit to work with, please keep searching.  It can take time to find a good fit and YOU DESERVE to find that fit to be your partner in healing and empowerment.  We all do.









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