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Common Health Myths is a monthly offering to provide some NEW information on the truth of healing based on proven research by holistic doctors and professionals throughout the world as well as my own personal experience with my clients.


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December Common Health Myth


The Egg and Cholesterol


How many of you think that eggs can lead to higher cholesterol?


Based on factual studies, that is simply not true.  Truth is, refined carbs such as sugar and pasta are MORE apt to raise your cholesterol than eggs and actually omega organic eggs can offer so much more in the way of lowering your insulin levels and balancing your energy that it's a shame they have gotten such a bad rap in the media.


Now I'm not saying go wild and eat them every meal, I am saying, eggs in the morning could be a good source of nutrients (make sure they are organic please for other reasons) AND they could keep your blood sugar balanced to reduce daily cravings.


For your perusal:


Join us for next month's Common Health Myth!


January Common Health Myth - Fake Sugars are Healthy.


NutraSweet, or Aspartame as it is also called, is the fake sugar found in over 5000 'sugar free' and 'diet' products in the U.S. My personal belief is that the side effects of this sweetener are dangerous, based on personal experiences such as headaches and vision impairment and situations with clients, but that is not everyone's belief. There has been such a controversy over NutraSweet in the past twenty years that I've decided to focus on both sides this month.


I know that the FDA and various corporations say they are safe.  I also know that there are organizations out there lobbying to get it off the market, especially for children's products. I trust you will decide for yourself what works for you.


I believe in options, so here are links to both sides for your perusal and for you to make informed decisions on your own steps in health.


February Common Health Myth - The Myths of Healing


This month's health myth is more emotional in nature because myths aren't only about foods or supplements, they are also myths handed down that limit one's beliefs of what is possible.


In my work, I get to see the power of the human spirit. I get to see what happens when challenges become opportunities, when the light in one's soul becomes what is needed to clear the path to joy and living by choice.


The Myths of Healing discussed this month are myths that limit one to believing there are certain ways to heal, when the reality is, there are as many ways to heal a there are healing processes and limiting oneself is, well, limiting.


The myth that 'healing must be difficult' is a common one today. The belief that a dark night must appear before every new adventure is simply not true. There doesn't have to be a deep emotional trauma to change.  While adversity can be a powerful healing and learning vehicle, it is one vehicle, and not the only path.  There are many times we all heal without deep challenges and I feel it's important to see that it can be easier, especially when we learn to listen to our body/mind/emotions and soul connections and what they need to heal.


The myth that 'healing should feel easy' is also a common one today. This myth is no better than the above because it limits one's reality to avoiding challenges which can make us stronger.  If I believe that healing should always feel easy, and then I get something difficult, I may think that is not part of my path and put off healing fully.  Sometimes challenges do occur, and sometimes they don't.


The myth that 'healing takes time' is another common myth.  I've seen people shift in an instant, and I've seen people shift over months or years.  To believe that your path to heal something  has to take a long time is limiting, just as is...(and you know where I'm going now don't you!)


...The myth that 'healing should take a specific amount of time or you are doing it wrong' is the final common myth we will look at today.  Having a timeframe for healing can at times be limiting as the healing path can have many layers and each may take it's own space to heal.  There is no one way to heal something.  For example, one person may heal from an abusive relationship in several sessions, another in a year's time.  It's dependent on the individual's process, not on doing something right or wrong. 


BASE THOUGHT ON THESE MYTHS - There is no one method, way or timeframe to healing and it's YOUR path, no one else's.  


I'd like to offer a new option. That healing is a personal adventure that shouldn't be anything except real for the individual and their needs. Let's realize that yes, sometimes challenges create opportunities, and sometime opportunities just appear. Sometimes we change in an instant, and sometimes we change more quickly.  If we realize going in that the options are endless, we may even find that the entire process lightens up.


Let's open the path to healing and growing IN OUR OWN UNIQUE WAYS and let's write our own stories of what healing is, for each of us, rather than assuming it should be any one thing for all of us.




Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are not meant to replace medical attention, rather, to offer information for you to make informed choices in your health.  Check with your health professional with questions and make the decisions that are right for you.


Client Testimonials
" I would simply recommend to anyone experiencing any limitation or need for healing to work with Jenifer to experience what Iím experiencing and see personally what mere words can not convey.


Ever thankful to you Jenifer!"


RR, Male, Phoenixville, PA



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