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About this course


Learn the basics of holistic concepts and methods for yourself and your loved ones.  This course offers a solid foundation in the concepts of holistic health integrating the mind, body, emotions and soul.  From Shamanism to NLP to Yoga and energy medicine, you expand your world and your life.




The Certificate in Holistic Studies is offered as a one year Telecourse and as a Self-Study Course.  Mentorship is offered as an additional option.


This course is divided into 7 modules for you to explore various sections of holistic studies and then bring them together for your own unique experience.  Each module has a written, reading and experiential requirement to ensure understanding of materials covered.


Each module may be take alone and most individual classes may as well with approval by the adminstrator. 


All new students completing the entire program will receive a 1 hour teleconference at the beginning and end of the program (2 hours total) with Jenifer Shapiro to discuss their program goals and the final exam. 


NOTE:  The cost of a printed certificate is included in the cost of this program.  Certificate for the mind/body module 4 may be offered (contact us with requests) upon assignment completion for an additional fee of $50 per certificate.


This is a 12-month course available as a teleclass or self-study.  Please note, I am currently adapting the self-study option with new materials.  This option will be available June 2013.  The next live course begins in January 2013.




You can take the modules alone or as the entire program.  


Module 1 - Introduction to Holistic Studies - 1 month course


This course offers an overview of the basics of holistic health, holistic psychology, integrative nutrition and more.  All students will also schedule a 1 hour mentor meeting with Jenifer Shapiro or a Certified Mentor Coach.


Module 2 - The Body - From Yoga and Pilates to Ecstatic Dance and Ritual. - 2 month course


This course covers body-centered practices and their role in integrative health and healing.  From dance to yoga and beyond, we will look at how the body holds memories and how it creates new ones.  This will be a body course like no other.


Module 3 - Energy - From Reiki and Matrix work to Tapping and Meridian Therapies. - 2 month course


This course covers how energy flows through the body/mind/soul and how energy practices are changing the views on healing options.  From hands on healing methods such as acupressure and craniosacral work to more esoteric and shamanic methods, gain a valuable understanding of integrative methods for your healing path.


Module 4 - The Mind - From NLP and Regression/ Hypnotherapy to Gestalt Therapy.  - 3 month course


Join us for an expanded view of how the mind creates our world and how to change it.  From NLP and esoteric philosophies to regression and inner child work, we will explore how these methods transform us and allow us to lead lives of passion and purpose.  This course is a MUST for anyone who coaches or counsels.


Module 5 - The Soul Connections - From Shamanism and the Moon to Karma and Destiny. - 2 month course


Join us for a fun and exciting exploration of the soul and beyond.  We will explore shamanism, angels, destiny, karma and more.  We will also look at how the moon and the elements work with us on a deeper level to enhance and open aspects of consciousness.


Module 6 - Nutrition and Supplements - From vitamins to Homeopathy.   1 month course


Learn the difference between herbs, homeopathy, supplements and drugs and how each holds it's own energy to heal, transform and, if not used properly, to harm.  This course is a must for any parent or individual who ingests any of the above.


Module 7 - Bringing it all Together - The Body, Energy, Mind and Soul connections. - 1 month course


This is the integration course.  For those taking the entire program this course pulls it all together.  For those taking the month on it's own, you will also learn how to look at your life anew and understand what integration and healing mean on a deeper level.


Upon completion of this program students will have a clear understanding of the variety of holistic health options and how/ when they can be used most appropriately. 


 Please note, I am currently adapting the self-study option with new materials.  The next live course begins in January 2013.


For the full calendar and to register for the program, contact us.

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